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Worship & Devotion

As United Methodists, we nurture our faith through public acts of worship and private acts of devotion.

Prayer, contemplation, the study of Scripture, singing and learning open our hearts to the movement of the Spirit. These sacred moments lead us to a more Christ-centered life.

Communion is one of two sacraments in The United Methodist Church. Learn more.

What We Believe

United Methodist sacraments, rites and rituals

Some churches recognize 7 sacraments; United Methodists celebrate 2. This series of articles explores each of these important acts in the life of a Christian.

Jack Layfield served as a chaplain on the Appalachian Trail for six months in 2019. His experiences can help all of us learn how to connect to God in nature. Photo by Mike DuBose.

Ways We Grow

Nature connects us to God

Appalachian Trail chaplain Jack Layfield helps us learn to use our 5 senses to explore nature and seek God, and then share our newfound peace with others.


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